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Business Finland

Sustainable travel expert services

  • Finland aims to become the leader in sustainable travel. The whole sector is guided by Visit Finland's Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) program.
  • As Visit Finland's expert partner (2022-2024), together with Digia we work on a national carbon footprint calculator development, carbon neutrality of travel destinations, sustainability training and annual reporting of State of Sustainable Tourism in Finland.
  • The CO2 calculator for the tourism industry reaches hundreds of businesses in the sector to boost the sustainability of tourism. Visit Finland's Sustainable Travel Finland program is helping to tackle the environmental problems caused by tourism.

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We want to contribute to the green transition of the tourism industry in a variety of ways. Through this call for tender, we are looking for a partner to develop and implement a national tourism carbon footprint calculator and related training and expertise services.

Liisa Mäkelä, manager

Business Finland


Expert partner in multiple projects

  • Digitalization and sustainable development are two megatrends that build on each other. Our collaboration with Digia started in 2021.
  • We have made annual carbon footprint calculations, environmental policy, climate roadmap, handprint study, helped with the Digia Envision ERP program development, as well as countless other things.
  • Together with Digia, we harness digitalization to solve sustainability challenges while ensuring that digital solutions are produced in a sustainable way.

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Finanssiala ry

Non-life insurance and climate change - a report

  • Non-life insurance business needs to prepare for the effects of climate change. We were commissioned by Finance Finland to carry out a study on the subject to serve the whole industry.
  • The study involved extensive interviews with Finnish and international experts in the insurance sector and a review of numerous reports written on the subject. The results were summarized in an easy to browse report accompanied by infographics.
  • The study provided the financial sector with in-depth information on the connections between non-life insurance and climate change mitigation and adaptation. It will help finance industry members and networks to better plan their future activities.

Download the report (in Finnish): Non-life insurance and climate change

The report opens up the role of the carbon footprint and carbon handprint of non-life insurance in mitigating climate change.

Esko Kivisaari, Executive Vice President

Finanssiala ry


CO2 calculator for waste and metals

  • Companies are increasingly interested in the impact of waste management on their carbon footprint. Emission factors commonly used in the calculation are outdated and only apply to a specific geographical area.
  • We developed two calculators for the waste and recycling company Revanssi to calculate the emissions and avoided emissions from waste management and recycling of different metals for their customers.
  • The calculators allow to provide the customer with more accurate information on the carbon footprint of the purchased service. The results of the calculations provide an incentive to sort waste even more carefully, as recycling often avoids a significant amount of emissions compared to incinerating waste for energy.

Read more (in Finnish): Carbon footprint and handprint for Revanssi

Under Positive Impact's guidance, we developed and are now offering to customers carbon footprint and avoided emissions metrics for metals and conventional waste management. Responsible actions require reliable information on current emissions, and we want to provide the tools to do this.

Sara Peltola, Customer Manager

Revanssi Oy


Climate roadmap and verification

  • Purso designs and manufactures aluminum products and systems. The company aims to halve the carbon footprint of the entire company per ton of product produced by 2025.
  • We verified Purso's carbon footprint calculations and together we developed a climate roadmap to help Purso achieve its climate goals.
  • In Purso's operations, the benefits of the circular economy and climate go hand in hand. Aluminum is an excellent raw material for the circular economy, as recycled aluminium saves up to 95% of energy compared to virgin raw material.

MaaS Global

Mobility as a Service carbon footprint calculations

  • MaaS Global has developed Whim, a service which allows you to use different modes of transport from a single app. MaaS Global wanted to calculate the carbon footprint of the service and chose Positive Impact as their calculation partner.
  • The calculations also looked at the emissions of trips made using the service.
  • The development of transport services is an essential part of the green transition. The carbon footprint calculation provides clear figures to report on the progress of the transition and to verify the impact of the measures.


Events CO2 calculation model and tool

  • Neste organises a lot of events every year and wanted to know the climate impact of its events.
  • We created a CO2 calculation model and a tool to estimate the climate impact of events for Neste. After the launch, we have continued to develop the calculator together.
  • The calculator shows where the emissions from the events come from and how much emissions have been avoided by using renewable Neste My diesel.


Sustainability Program

  • Dieta is a Finnish company that provides professional kitchens with solutions for utensils, accessories, equipment and services. Sustainability is part of Dieta's values and the project sought to concretize this.
  • We developed a sustainability program in line with Dieta's values. It includes objectives, themes and measures to develop sustainability.
  • The Sustainability Program provides structure and focus to Dieta's sustainability work.
Together with Positive Impact, we developed the Dieta sustainability program. The team got a firm grip on the material and made us believe that we can make a difference. Now we have clear sustainability goals and 160 ideas in the action bank.

Juhani Järvenpää, CEO

Dieta Oy

Suomen biokaasu ja -kierto ry

Kiertolannoitteen hiilijalanjälkilaskuri

  • Fertilizers produced from surplus and waste raw materials are more climate and environmentally friendly than mineral fertilizers in many applications, but no precise information had been available.
  • We implemented and piloted a carbon footprint calculator, guidelines and calculation documentation for recycled fertilizer products, following the GHG protocol in detail but without compromising usability.
  • A functional and easy-to-use carbon footprint calculator will help fertilizer manufacturers to justify the switch to recycled fertilizers. A common calculator across the industry also helps with the comparability of calculations.

Read more (in Finnish): Ilmastolannoite.fi

Organic fertilizers and soil improvers are part of the solution to the climate challenge in the food chain. With a unified calculation model and calculator package, producers can demonstrate the climate benefits of circular fertilizers in a reliable way.

Anna Virolainen, Executive Director

Suomen biokaasu ja -kierto ry

Nelonen Media Live

CO2 calculation model and tool for the event business group

  • Nelonen Media Live is the largest organizer of events in Finland. The events group aims at carbon neutrality.
  • We created a CO2 calculation model and tool for the group's annual carbon footprint calculations.
  • The calculation tool makes it easy to identify where the emissions come from in different events and how to sensibly start to reduce them.

Korkeasaari Zoo

Carbon neutral Korkeasaari 2030 program and calculations

  • Climate change also threatens biodiversity. Korkeasaari wants to be carbon neutral by 2030.
  • We have been Korkeasaari's expert partner in climate work since 2016. Together we have implemented the carbon neutrality program, annual emission calculations and many development projects.
  • A long-term partnership brings continuity and certainty to the zoo's climate work, in a cost-effective way. This will allow Korkeasaari to focus on its core mission of protecting endangered species and biodiversity.

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3 Friends

Sustainability Program and FAQs

  • 3 Friends is known for its quality ice cream products. It has a responsible image, which is why it is important to demonstrate through concrete actions and results how sustainability work is progressing.
  • Together with 3 Friends we developed a corporate responsibility program. It contains themes, objectives and measures to promote corporate responsibility.
  • It is motivating and important for entrepreneurs to strive to do the 'right thing'. A concrete sustainability program brings coherence, effectiveness and measurability to the company's sustainability work.

Forum Virium Helsinki

Climate meal label

  • The carbon footprint of food is about 1.75 tons of CO2e per year for an average Finn. Meal choices play a crucial role in the human climate burden.
  • The project worked with restaurants to develop a label to communicate a climate-friendly dish. We carried out the concept background, criteria definition, participatory workshops and developed the guidelines, the graphic design and the project website.
  • The Climate Meal label helps to identify more sustainable dishes on a restaurant's menu.

Read more: ilmastoannos.fi

I would not have believed how pleased with the results I would be.

Kaisa Spilling, Development Manager

Forum Virium Helsinki

City of Helsinki

Carbon footprint and handprint of public libraries

  • Finnish public libraries are pioneers in the sharing economy. As part of municipal services, libraries are intended to be produced in the most sustainable way possible, as they have many positive ecological and social impacts.
  • The project analyzed the carbon footprint and handprint of public libraries, based on calculations with 13 participating libraries and library statistics. It also explored how public libraries can contribute to the sharing economy and operate in a low-carbon way.
  • The results and recommendations were compiled into a visual report, published as an accessible pdf on the project website.

Download the report (in Finnish): Kirjastot matkalla hiilineutraaliin jakamistalouteen

I wish we always had you to demonstrate these results!

Leila Sonkkanen, librarian

Helsiki City Library


Carbon-neutral circular model and ELMA.LIVE

  • Culture plays an important role in society, but it must also be produced in a sustainable way. It is also important that good practices are shared with other actors in the sector without delay.
  • The Carbon Neutral Tour model identified the sector's climate impact and provides a roadmap to a carbon neutral future. ELMA.LIVE is a digital service based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that provides the music industry with a wide range of information and tools to promote sustainability.
  • The live music industry has joined forces for climate action and sustainability. The projects will provide the sector with information, policy and tools on how to achieve these effectively.

Check out the service: elma.live

Positive Impact's experts were invaluable in the design and implementation of our project. Their domain knowledge, customer focus and efficiency were top-notch!

Maria Silvennoinen, Executive Director

Jazzliitto ry


Sustainability Program

  • Kopiosto and its audiovisual culture promotion center, Avek, enable creative professionals to receive the remuneration they deserve for the use of their works and support works, projects and productions in the sector.
  • We developed a sustainability program for Kopiosto and Avek, which includes objectives, themes and measures. This will enable Kopiosto and Avek to develop their sustainability work both towards their customers and internally.
  • The Sustainability Program provided a clear plan and timetable for the work and identified key development points.

CO2 Roadmap

Climate Leadership SaaS

  • We want to produce user-friendly and efficient tools and services for the green transition. We have developed the first software service on the market that, in addition to carbon footprint calculation, offers a tool for building a climate roadmap.
  • Mere calculation does not reduce emissions. Companies need goals and measures to reduce the carbon footprint and increase their handprint. When creating the climate roadmap, the user can use the action database based on scientific sources that we have built.
  • We want it to be easy and efficient for companies to achieve a low carbon future. That's why our slogan is: CO2 Roadmap is the fastest route from reporting the past to changing the future.
  • Development of the service has received support from the European Regional Development Fund.