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Sustainability is more than just a pretty word for us.

Positive Impact was founded in 2019 in response to the growing need for climate and sustainability solutions.

In the beginning, our focus was on calculators and software, because there was an acute need for them and we love facts and data. In the following years, the team was complemented with service design and cultural expertise because we wanted to have more impact and were concerned about the rapid growth of greenwashing.

From the start, our strength has been the versatile expertise of our staff and their decades of experience in sustainability issues. Currently, our team includes professionals from the fields of environmental management, systems thinking, service design, software engineering, and communications and graphic design. With this knowledge base, we dare to call ourselves a full-service sustainability agency.

But what is sustainability, really? The following five themes explain our understanding:


Sustainability is lifelong learning. True sustainability is based on reliable research, but it is equally important to remain vigilant and constantly update the knowledge base. The field of sustainability is constantly evolving, so a true sustainability expert is always a sustainability learner.


Sustainability is focusing on what matters. The image of sustainability varies depending on the sector and the operator's perspective. For some, it's all about fuel emissions and price trends, for others it's good to focus on optimizing international production chains. By focusing on the essentials, sustainability criteria become effective and genuinely relevant.


Sustainability is about planning. Without a proper strategy, sustainability work can easily remain vague and ineffective. A good CSR program will bring focus, purpose and effectiveness to your activities. It also makes it easy to take corrective action as the world changes.


Sustainability is about concrete actions. One of our most praised tools is the action banks built into the sustainability programs. They provide clear and concrete information on the sustainability actions that companies should take now and in the coming years. Our team's long experience in the field of sustainability ensures that the action banks are practical. Many of the practical solutions that work are not found in textbooks alone.


Sustainability is about collaboration. Finally, no company is sustainable in its own bubble, i.e. alone. Solving sustainability challenges requires cooperation between different sectors, between actors of different sizes, and between the public and private sectors. Cooperation is also needed within a company and between its stakeholders. It is worth taking the time to create a common language and vision. Listening skills are an invaluable tool.

If you find the list overwhelming, don't worry. The important thing is that our values meet. You don't have to take responsibility all at once, and we're happy to help you get started and move forward.

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  • Positive Impact experts were indispensable for the planning and the implementation of our project. Domain knowledge, customer focus and efficiency were top notch!

    Maria Silvennoinen

  • The team at Positive Impact got a firm grip of the material and made us believe that we can make a difference. We now have clear sustainability targets and 160 ideas in the action bank.

    Juhani Järvenpää