Our Story

Positive Impact was founded in 2019 in response to the increasing need for climate and other sustainability related solutions. Our team had previously worked together in a research called Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality and in Positive Impact we are able to transform our learnings into reality.

Whatever the sustainability challenge is - we are not afraid to face it - as we have great tools: data, facts and digital solutions.


Positive Impact's experts were invaluable in the design and implementation of our project.

Content expertise, customer orientation and efficiency are top notch!

You made a great impression on us with your expertise.

Our networks

Hiilipörssi logo

We cooperate closely with Carbon Market.

Orsi logo

We cooperate with Orsi - Towards Eco-Welfare State -project.

JYU Wisdom logo

We cooperate with JYU.Wisdom - School of Resource Wisdom network.

Ekokompassi logo

Carbon Neutral Roadmap, GHG accounting since 2016 etc.

Platform Of Trust logo

We develop use of data in cooperation with Platform of Trust.

Hinku logo

We are company partner in Carbon Neutral Finland network.

Positive Impact is an expert company that offers strategic, digital and fact-driven sustainability solutions

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