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Carbon footprint calculations

  • Customers, owners and citizens are demanding more information on the climate impact of products, services and businesses. Carbon footprint is a common and standardized method for calculating these impacts.
  • We carry out climate impact assessments and carbon footprint calculations for different industries. The calculations follow established industry standards and are supported by reports that make it easy to report on progress.
Carbon footprint shows where emissions can and should be reduced. The aggregated information shows the evolution of emissions and guides climate action resources to the right targets.

Handprint studies

  • Carbon footprint only shows the negative environmental impacts of an activity. In our path towards sustainability it's necessary to track also the positive environmental impact that we do: our handprint.
  • We have developed a methodology to quantify and communicate both a qualitative and a quantitative handprint. We use data from the client and data collected through interviews and surveys.
A well-defined handprint is a credible indicator of the positive impact of an organization on the society. It also serves as a good basis for truly responsible advertising and marketing communications.


  • Customers are increasingly interested in the carbon footprint of purchases - both services and goods. However, calculating these individually is slow and expensive.
  • We create carbon footprint calculators specifically tailored to our clients, typically in Excel spreadsheets. The project defines the objective and the use cases of the calculator, which is used to create the structure, calculation formulas, data and instructions.
With an effective tool, the calculation of environmental and climate impacts is fast, efficient and up-to-date. At the industry level, having the same tool makes it easier to harmonize calculation methods and share good practices.

Sustainability programs

  • Everyone talks about sustainability, but few people really understand what it's all about. The principles of sustainable development are easily reduced to empty rhetoric with no connection to the real life.
  • We build sustainability programs for our clients that are tailored to their needs. They include themes, targets and measures to promote sustainability. Typically, the deliverables include a visual summary and a comprehensive sustainability action bank.
A sustainability program gives a sense of purpose, focus and impact to the business and action planning. It also demonstrates a genuine commitment to the sustainable development goals.

Climate roadmaps

  • Many companies and organisations want to be carbon neutral, but concrete climate targets and how to achieve them in practice often remain unclear.
  • We build climate roadmaps for our clients, setting out both emission reduction targets and actions to minimize their carbon footprint and maximize the handprint. The roadmaps are developed together with the client, so that the specific needs of both the industry and the company are well taken into account.
A climate roadmap makes the pursuit of carbon neutrality possible and meaningful. Together with the carbon footprint calculations, it shows the trend of emissions and allows for precise targeting of actions.

Auditing and verifications

  • Auditing is typically required when applying for a certificate or other proof of the sustainability of a product or service. Without a proper verification, a claim of responsibility is easily unconvincing.
  • We have more than ten years of experience as an official auditor of the EcoCompass environmental management system. A typical auditing process consists of documentation review, interview, observation and reporting.
An external audit increases the transparency and credibility of the sustainability work. In addition, new areas for improvement are often identified during the process.

User-centric applications

  • Sustainable development issues are often multidisciplinary and require a lot of data collection. Software solutions addressing sustainability can easily become cumbersome and difficult to understand.
  • We use service design to define the purpose, user groups, use cases and success criteria of sustainability software. In this way, we ensure that the developed software is functional, easy to use and effective.
Clear and user-friendly sustainability software serves both the user and sustainability as a whole by making information and practices easily shared.

Maintenance and support

  • Even great sustainability software is useless if the service cannot be trusted or if the users are not properly trained to use it.
  • We provide maintenance and support services to facilitate a smooth user experience of the applications. If the software is developed further, we will build on the experience of user support. In this work we use various service design methods.
The real impact of the software will only be achieved when users take ownership of it. Good user support is an indispensable part of the whole, especially in development projects.

Workshops and training

  • At the heart of sustainability work are two things: continuous learning and co-development. Effective sustainability work requires both an understanding of new phenomena and the adoption of relevant working methods and tools.
  • We train our clients through tailor-made workshops and education. Our experienced facilitators lead the sessions both on-site and remotely. All events and sessions are based on the participants and their needs.
Expert facilitation brings certainty, efficiency and effectiveness to accountability work. It is not worth being left alone with the big questions.


  • To make sustainable development a reality, we need more understanding of the subject. A good speech will impress, inspire and provide insights to promote sustainable development.
  • Our team includes many experienced and respected expert speakers. We talk about sustainable development in a practical and inspiring way. Our presentations focus on scientific basis and critical dialog.
Good and knowledgeable speakers provide relevant and motivating content for a variety of events. Talking about sustainability does not have to be dry or heavy.

Service design

  • Sustainable development often requires a change in people's behavior. Even the best sustainability reform can fail if the people involved are not sufficiently taken into account.
  • For us, service design is a seamless part of systems thinking for sustainable development and life cycle and circular economy thinking. We use a wide range of service design methods and apply them according to our customers' needs.
Service design creates the basis for sustainable product development and the entire corporate culture. Good service design increases functionality, the experience of meaningfulness and overall well-being.

Product and business model development

  • Information on sustainable development is constantly growing and becoming more accurate. But the path from research to new products and services is long and winding.
  • We start our development work by looking at the industry, research knowledge and customer needs. We supplement this with additional research and interviews where necessary. The product concept and operating model will be built in close cooperation with stakeholders. At the same time, we ensure that the development process is carefully documented.
The best scientific understanding is needed quickly for use by businesses. Agile development accelerates ecological regeneration.

UI/UX design

  • Sustainability issues are often addressed through apps and online services. Due to the complexity of the topic, user paths can easily become confusing, interrupted and fail to capture the necessary information from the user.
  • In our company, web services are the result of a collaboration between a content expert, a service designer, a software engineer and a graphic designer. This multidisciplinarity allows for optimal usability and a human touch. The customer is listened to carefully at every stage of the design process.
A well-designed application serves both its actual purpose and as a more general source of inspiration. The company's responsibility message is reinforced when the website is aligned with the rest of the communication.

Communication strategies

  • Sustainability issues cover many areas and the vocabulary is constantly changing. This makes sustainability communication challenging and the risk of greenwashing is high.
  • We develop communication plans for our clients that define the objectives of sustainability communication, the steering groups, the basic message, the verbal and visual tone and the main channels. Our multidisciplinary team ensures that the content is relevant, motivating and proven true.
Good communication makes responsible action visible and encourages participation. Transparency increases the chances that others will do the right thing.

Sustainability visualizations

  • Sustainability issues are often complex and therefore can be difficult to grasp through text alone. Getting attention amidst the flood of media images is difficult.
  • We do a variety of visual work: client reports, logos and responsible branding. Graphics are designed in collaboration with the client, our content specialist and our graphic designer. This ensures that they are as effective and versatile as possible.
Images and graphics are important tools in sustainability work. They help to structure customer concepts and serve as excellent memory and communication tools.

Studies and reports

  • The framework for sustainable development is broad, and in many situations it is difficult to distinguish essential from non-essential. Expert structuring helps to find answers and focus on the essentials.
  • Our academic team is experienced in producing scientifically based studies and sustainability reports. The topic, objective, methodology and final publication method are always defined in consultation with the client.
A professionally and expertly produced report provides new insights and solutions to promote sustainable development.